Infographic Shows Where Women Entrepreneurs Booming

We all know that women entrepreneurs has been on the rise for sometime. More specifically, we’ve grown twice as fast as men  between 1997 and 2007, which equates to 44% growth in women-owned businesses. I think that’s pretty cool, don’t you?

Our growth has exploded from making smart moves like starting businesses in growing industries and pursuing work that is meaningful. However, we still have some challenges as pointed out by Kelly Teh in the article that featured the infographic below. Based on the women that I’ve worked with I know that many of us still struggle with believing that we have to be Wonder Woman, feeling isolated, and feeling guilty about working on our businesses. To manage these challenges here are some of the tips that I share with my clients:

Hang Up Your Wonder Woman Costume

It doesn’t fit you anyway. You cannot be all things to all people, so please stop trying. Instead, get the support you need when you need it, and stop trying to juggle too much on their own. It’s a recipe for disaster that I’ve learned well. When my clients push back, and complain that they can’t afford to hire help I suggest that they hire an intern or a part-time VA. The point is that you have to start treating yourself like a bona-fide business owner, or you will never position yourself for success let alone growth potential.

Find the Right Support

As a coach, I am my clients’ biggest cheerleader, motivator, and accountability partner. My job is to give my clients perspective, educate them on strategies that will help them breakthrough to the next level, and hold them fiercely accountable to achieving their goals. However, I know that I cannot be the only source of support for my clients on their entrepreneurial journey. They will experience peaks and valleys between sessions, and they must find the right support outside of our partnership to help them maintain their sanity. I cannot stress enough how vital it is to choose your environment carefully. Seek relationships with those who support your vision and mission.

Give Up the Guilt

This is a tough one, so I’ll let Dr. Phil say it, “At the end of the day, whether or not those people are comfortable with how you’re living your life doesn’t matter. What matters is whether you’re comfortable with it.” You have a responsibility to yourself to pursue your dreams, goals, and ambitions. Yes, family and other obligations are important, and it’s not about choosing your business over your life. It’s about finding a way to make time for all of the things that are important to you. Will you be “comfortable” with the current state of your business and level of income 3 years from now? If the answer is no, get over the guilt and get busy making things happen.

Check the infographic below and find more tips from the article that it’s featured in here.

Infographic: Women in Business
Courtesy of: CreditDonkey

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  • Liz

    Thanks for the permission to take off the Wonder Woman suit! I needed that!

    • Desiree

      Anytime Liz. I find we all need to remember to give ourselves permission to be human from time to time.

  • DTaRelle F. Tullis

    Desiree we definitely get to hang up the Superwoman costume and design a costume that fits us to a tee. This is the one time that we don’t need designer made but custom made by us for us. :-) Thanks for the information.

    • Desiree

      “Custom made by us for us”…I love it D’Tarelle :)

  • Bonnie Gean

    I think it has a ton to do with the fact that women are natural born multitaskers, whereas men aren’t. :)

    We’ve been jabbering over the fence for decades, making us great communicators, too.

    Just my $.02 :)

    • Desiree

      Hi Bonnie, thanks for your 2 cents. I agree that we are great multitaskers and at times that can become our downfall. Balance is key.